information-gathering – important but often enough not considered

An attack starts at that point, where you are scanning the server, you are testing the wlan, plug in the RasPi in the network jack ……. Sorry, that’s wrong. An effective attack starts earlier, it starts with the information gathering, collecting enough and reliable informations. Is there only one hardened webserver or are there other … Continue reading "information-gathering – important but often enough not considered"

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how to win the fight against old vendor-files

Everyone, who works with linux at admin-niveau, starting with a normal nmap-scan about intrusion detection with arpalert or arpwatch up to specific programs like unicornscan or btscan has the same problem: the vendor files, which translate the MAC-address to a manufacturer, are really old, so the result is incomplete. In addition the vendor-files dont have … Continue reading "how to win the fight against old vendor-files"

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